Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Getting things done...

This will be short - I need to get my little man settled down for school tomorrow! Since the past week has been so successful, I wanted to share a little bit about what all we've managed to get done.  Some of you may know, but a few weeks ago, I started stressing out over not having things done - WHAT IF I get the call and don't have the necessities?

  • Ordered Pack N Play on Friday.  Scheduled to arrive tomorrow!
  • Ordered the car seat I had picked out from  Babies R Us. 
  • Successfully removed old spit up stains from several articles of clothing that had been given to me free.
  • Hang/folded baby clothes.
  • Got crib ready for assembly...amazing how dusty something can get lying under your bed.
  • Crib is assembled and in place!

I know all of this may sound minor and like no big deal to most people - but to me, it's one step closer.  I don't have that cloud over my head of "what if I get the call and don't have a car seat?" or "where will the baby sleep if I have no crib or Pack N Play?"  Inch by inch, step by step, hour by hour and second by second we ARE getting closer to bringing our baby home. 

Now, we continue to play the waiting game...